[patch] minicli sizing

Martin Koller m.koller at surfeu.at
Tue Nov 2 06:18:11 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 02 November 2004 01:46, Dawit A. wrote:
> > > With your change, the size of the
> > > combobox will grow infinitely with the size of the URL which is worse.
> >
> > Can you tell me details, please? When will it grow (by doing what) ?
> > I can't see why it should.
> Simple. If you type or paste a very long URL then the next time you restart
> KDE, kdesktop actually, the minimum size of the minicli would be the size
> of the longest URL in the combobox.

Did you actually try my patch ?
I can not reproduce this behaviour.

> This is a far worse problem than a 
> fixed size Run command box whose size is actually set based upon your
> actual screen size...

Yes, and it's still based on the screen size (Look at the patch. I used the 
code which was already there). The difference now is that it's not a fixed 
size but a sizeHint.

> > > BTW,
> > > why could you not edit a long URL with the current fixed size ?
> >
> > It's not the question of "if", it's the question of "how userfriendly" it
> > was. Also, it seems to me that the "fixed size" approach is not done "by
> > design", but instead to work around a different problem (which you
> > described above).
> I do not know whatever gave you that impression, but it was done by design
> so that the combobox does not keep growing in size as you input larger and
> larger URLs.

The impression I got was due to the number of different commits, trying to 
solve the problem with the growing box.

> It was not my intention for the minicli to be used for 
> entering large URLs even though it can handle it...

OK. But is it so bad that I can actually resize the dialog, when the mentioned 
problem is solved ?

> > I was trying to solve this in a clean way (probably I  failed, but then
> > please give me a test case where it does not work and I'll  try to
> > improve it).
> You can try, but it will not work. Like I said many have attempted before
> (see the commit logs) and it has always failed!

To be honest - that's no reason for me to not try it again.

Please, try my patch and tell me what I'm missing.

Best regards/Schöne Grüße

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