Everybody is linking to libidn under kdenetwork

Dominique Devriese devriese at kde.org
Fri May 28 21:20:45 BST 2004

kde  writes:

> Hi all, Looking at kdenetwork/kopete/protocols/configure.in.in line
> 123 and afterwards , I see that it sets CFLAGS and LDFLAGS for
> libidn and everything under kdenetwork ( kppp,kget,kopete ) links to
> -lidn which is unnecessary and adds extra startup latency to these
> applications.

> Afaik libidn is only used for kopete jabber plugin and only it
> should link to -lidn. I do not know enough autoconf magic to do
> this. So I post it here.

In 3.3, kdecore will link to libidn, as it should, so there is imho
little point to your suggestion.  I would think there are much better
ways to improve startup performance than not linking to some tiny C
library, no ?


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