multiple wallpapers by default

Sean O'Dubhghaill sean at
Fri May 28 20:39:45 BST 2004

Thanks for the response Adriaan

On Friday 28 May 2004 7:27 pm, Adriaan de Groot wrote:
> Hi Sean,
> Gosh, almost a week with no response that I could see. I'll take up this
> glove.
> I fail to see how additionally changing the color will help alleviate such
> a frustration _unless_ there is a correlation between colors in the desktop
> selector in kicker and the desktop backgrounds - or, for instance, marking
> desktop 1 with a bunch of 1s (corners, edges, middle), 2 with 2s, ... .
> Personally I'd go with a KPassivePopup saying "Desktop n", screen-centered,
> for a second or two. But I'm sure y'all have thought of that already.

Yep i think a popup with a little message as such is also a good idea if a 
little irritating (someone suggested that kopete has some sort of popup that 
could come out of the pager which would be a li). I quite like the idea of 
numbers in the wallpaper as well. (So much so that i've attached a sample of 
the wallpapers with added numerals :) )

The different coloured wallpapers would at least cause the user to understand 
that something has changed not just there apps have vanished. It also gives 
the user an indication that there moving to different desktops the first time 
they experiment with the pager. Of course there is still some slight ambiguity 
but the idea is that the desktops should be visibly different in some way to 
reinforce the idea of virtual desktops. The main point though is we just need 
some more feedback here.

> > You can check out the usability thread here:
> >
> I'm somewhat hesitant to go read a usability thread - perhaps you can
> summarize why exactly 4 colors were chosen? What happens to your suggestion
> when a user has 6 desktops, or 12?

Well mainly because the kde default is for 4 desktops and if someone added 
more then they must understand the whole virtual desktop idea already and can 
sort out their own backgrounds.


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