Lubos Lunak l.lunak at suse.cz
Mon May 17 16:02:16 BST 2004

On Saturday 15 of May 2004 00:56, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> To clarify what is happening i'll say that tron widget is not getting
> keypressevents for keys that have a action associated to it, ktron has a
> actionCollection()->setAutoConnectShortcuts(false);
> that is supposed to prevent this, maybe something changed the behaviour of
> that function?
> Albert
> A Divendres 14 Maig 2004 23:28, Benjamin Meyer va escriure:
> > In the game KTron it sets up actions that don't have connections.  It
> > uses keyPressedEvent for key presses to determine what direction the
> > "tron" should go.  Unfortunately in the last few weeks this was broken. 
> > After some hunting I am unable to figure out what commit broke it.   Can
> > someone with more experience with KAction/KActionCollection take a look
> > to see if they know what was changed?
> >
> > -Benjamin Meyer

 My fault, kind of : 

 I committed the change because it seemed safe, if you change a shortcut in 
the shortcuts configuration dialog, the same will happen. Just try to change 
shortcuts in ktron and play, it won't work until you restart ktron.

 I did it because I noticed that a shortcut for KAction created in Konqueror 
doesn't work as long as it's not plugged into some GUI element, and because 
of the shortcut dialog feature above that seemed like oversight to me. I've 
reverted the change (the shortcut dialog remains broken though).

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