Albert Astals Cid tsdgeos at terra.es
Fri May 14 23:56:56 BST 2004

To clarify what is happening i'll say that tron widget is not getting 
keypressevents for keys that have a action associated to it, ktron has a 
that is supposed to prevent this, maybe something changed the behaviour of 
that function?


A Divendres 14 Maig 2004 23:28, Benjamin Meyer va escriure:
> In the game KTron it sets up actions that don't have connections.  It uses
> keyPressedEvent for key presses to determine what direction the "tron"
> should go.  Unfortunately in the last few weeks this was broken.  After
> some hunting I am unable to figure out what commit broke it.   Can someone
> with more experience with KAction/KActionCollection take a look to see if
> they know what was changed?
> -Benjamin Meyer

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