kdenonbeta/icecream/icecream/configure.in.in broke kdenonbeta

İsmail Dönmez kde at myrealbox.com
Sun May 16 10:19:34 BST 2004


After Coolo added kdenonbeta/icecream/icecream/configure.in.in, make -f 
Makefile.cvs gives following error for kdenonbeta :

cartman at localhost:/opt/development/kde/kdenonbeta$ make -f Makefile.cvs
This Makefile is only for the CVS repository
This will be deleted before making the distribution

*** Creating acinclude.m4
*** Creating list of subdirectories
*** Creating Makefile.am
*** Creating configure.files
*** Creating configure.in
*** Creating aclocal.m4
configure.in:867: error: `config.h' is already registered with 
autoconf/status.m4:424: AC_CONFIG_HEADERS is expanded from...
/usr/share/aclocal-1.8/header.m4:23: AM_CONFIG_HEADER is expanded from...
configure.in:867: the top level
autom4te: /usr/bin/m4 failed with exit status: 1
aclocal: autom4te failed with exit status: 1
make[1]: *** [cvs] Error 1
make: *** [all] Error 2

Any ideas?


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