A Language-Based Paradigm (Was Re: Avoiding Problems byAvoiding Decisions)

Andreas Pour pour at mieterra.com
Fri May 14 22:18:05 BST 2004

Maks Orlovich wrote:
> > The key is, it is not *country*-based, b/c really, the choice has nothing
> > to do with a country.  I may choose the German language although I live in
> Well, some of the settings do have to do w/the country --- at least the
> currency sign does. And although for example some Hispanic Americans may
> prefer a Spanish translation, they still would want $ to denote the currency
> (and perhaps the imperial units). I don't know how the preferences for things
> like the decimal separator vary though.

Currency can be selected separately (there is already another tab for it), but
if you want to make things easier for people then selecting a language can
optionally default to a certain currency associated with that language, just
like currently is the case for "country" (e.g., English - US would default to $,
but Spanish might not have a default).  It is arguable whether country-based
defaults are much more accurate in selecting default currency since e.g.
Spanish-speaking Americans still use the Humbled Dollar.

Date format, etc. are generally language-based, rather than country-based, as

I also doubt that the currency, date format, etc. stuff will lead to controversy
- but then again I am sometimes a hapless optimist ;-).



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