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The KDE Accessibility Project is proud to announce the first Unix
Accessibility Forum on 22-23 August 2004 in Ludwigsburg.

The Unix Accessibility Forum, sponsored by Trolltech, is a meeting of
developers and disabled people that wish to further the accessibility of
Unix for people with disabilities.

The forum will include developer discussions as well as talks and 
presentations on existing approaches. A call for presentations will be 
announced shortly. German Disability Associations have been invited to 
join us for feedback on the presentations of existing assistive 
technologies on Unix.

The Unix Accessibility Forum complements efforts like the FSG 
Accessibility Workgroup and the Free Desktop Accessibility Working Group. 
Members of Unix-related accessibility projects like the GNOME 
Accessibility Project, the Mozilla Accessibility Project and the Accessibility team as well as developers working on
X Accessibility, assistive device support, speech synthesis, etc. are 
highly welcome.

We believe that accessibility is important for the general developer 
community. This is why the Unix Accessibility Forum is scheduled to 
coincide with the KDE Contributor World Conference. Participants taking 
part in both conferences need to register only once.

Participants with no or little income that would otherwise not be able to
attend the Unix Accessibility Forum should contact Harald Fernengel
<harry at> for sponsoring.

Please also forward this invitation to other projects and developers who 
might be interested.

Please contact the KDE Accessibility mailing list 
<kde-accessibility at> or Olaf Schmidt <ojschmidt at> if you 
have comments, questions or suggestions.

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