Avoiding Problems by Avoiding Decisions

Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Thu May 13 16:48:20 BST 2004

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On Thursday 13 May 2004 17:50, George Staikos wrote:

First I'd say that you can never reach the end of such discussions. 
People can easily become mad when they talk about such issues. I was 
really amazed to not find an opinion from the "other" party, and all 
those fighting there were "outsiders". Hats off of the Macedonian team. 
So you can see that even in this case how heated the discussion can 
 Ok, but back to the solution: yes, I think if we clearly point them WHY 
KDE have chosen a name, then such "bugs" can easily closed without 
further question and discussing. While reading the thread my opinion 
was roughly the same as the one the other KDE developers told there, 
and thought that we should take the names used there from every 
country's own description of how to they call themselves in English. 
But your ISO-3166-1 solution looks better and it's at a centralized 
place. Sure, it's not perfect (and I would wonder what the Taiwanese 
will say), but if we say that we have chosen the names from the ISO (a 
well known organization's) list, KDE should be said, an anybody wanting 
to complain or sue somebody could go to the ISO.
 As a solution we can provide the country names as:
translated name (ISO name) and
ISO name (name in the langauge of the country)

For example Hungary and Germany on an English desktop would be:
Hungary (Magyarorszag)
Germany (Deutschland)

and Hungary on a hungarian desktop would be:
Magyarorszag (Hungary)
Nemetorszag (Germany)

If this is already the case, then forget this part (I'm using an English 
desktop). The reasoning behind it:
- - people not speaking the language could find easily their country as 
the ISO name is always there
- - people with low English knowledge could find their own country more 
easily as their own country is listed in their own language as well

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