very simple devel tasks to do

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Wed May 12 18:16:49 BST 2004


 I have the following problem: #78950 is pretty simple to do. Just a kicker 
applet which uses a couple of calls from kdecore/netwm* . So simple that it'd 
IMHO fit very well somebody who'd like to start doing KDE development. So 
simple that I don't want to spend my time on it, doing the actual coding and 
testing and all that, and if I'd have to it'd be probably better spent time 
if I helped somebody new to do it.

 The question is, do we have some system for this? This isn't the only 
(technically) simple thing that's hiding somewhere in my TODO, I could find a 
couple more of such single bugreports, or maybe I'd sometimes need somebody 
who'd do some qtdesigner work for me (as I suck at it).

 There's , but looks outdated, not very known  
and finally not exactly what I'd need. What I need _is_ a 2 days job.

 So, does somebody have any idea? I think the KMail developers mark some of 
their bugreports as JJ (junior job?). Is it promoted somehow? As a KDE 
wannabee newbie developer I probably wouldn't get the idea to seach for "JJ". Maybe Derek could include in CVS digest together with 
all those stats also a link to these things, or something.

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