[PATCH] am_edit: support for vars in _SOURCES

Aurelien Gateau aurelien.gateau at free.fr
Sat May 8 15:55:38 BST 2004


As you might know, we are trying to provide stable and unstable versions of
Gwenview (an image viewer from the kdeextragear-1 CVS module). They are
differentiated by a "_hack" suffix, which can be enabled with a ./configure
option. To achieve this, we wrote the following Makefile.am (simplified):

gvcore = \
  file1.cpp \
  file2.cpp \

libgwenview_hack_la_SOURCES = $(gvcore)
libgwenview_la_SOURCES = $(gvcore)

The attached patch is necessary for am_edit to properly expand $(gvcore). My
knowledge of Perl and autotools is somewhat limited, but at least it works
for me.
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