[Kde-pim] KDE 3.3 Release Plan is up

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Sat May 8 16:30:23 BST 2004

On Saturday 08 May 2004 13:03, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> I finally got my act together and commited the KDE 3.3 release plan
> as I have it in mind:
> And I would applaud if the kdepim developers make up their mind
> how kdepim 3.3 fits into the KDE 3.3 release. I won't object if
> kdepim is feature done and bug free when KDE hits beta :)
> Right now I see still a x in the kdepim 3.3 release schedule with a
> +13 weeks when it's done.

Actually it's x + 9 weeks until the stable release (without 

> As KDE 3.3 is targeted on week 33 (after 
> that aKademy starts) - x would be week 20 for both to finish on the
> same day: that's next week.
> The question comes down to this: are 4 of 6 key features done in
> this week? (I count 2 so far, but I'm not really uptodate).

- Kolab client
  50% done (just a random percentage)
- KitchenSync (Syncing calendar and addressbook between desktops)
  Cornelius said he'd finish KitchenSync this weekend
- HTML mail composing
- KPilot integration into Kontact
- Client-side IMAP filtering
  http://www.kontact.org/shopping/sanders.php says "In progress" and 
  "~6 weeks" required, but it's unclear how many weeks Don still needs
- Connection of Kontact to eGroupware

So I count at least 3.5 key features done. If Cornelius really finishes 
KitchenSync tomorrow then the KDE PIM 3.3 release would be on July 

In my opinion we've failed our goal to make a quick intermediate KDE PIM 
release. Going for a feature-driven release seemed to be a nice idea, 
but the desired effect, i.e. the developers trying to beat each other 
with finishing their feature, didn't occur. Originally the "estimated 
time frame for completion of these key features initially was end of 
February." Since then 10 weeks have passed. :-(

But it does still make sense to release KDE PIM 3.3 separately because 
it builds on KDE 3.2 (which will be rock stable in July). Several 
people who are involved in projects with companies have repeatedly told 
us that it's desirable to upgrade the KDE PIM applications, but that 
it's completely out of question to upgrade all of KDE.

I'm very much in favor of separate KDE PIM 3.x releases for the rest of 
KDE 3. Especially this means that KDE 3.3 will not contain KDE PIM, but 
since KDE PIM 3.3 will have been released shortly before, it won't make 
a difference for people who are waiting for KDE 3.3. OTOH people who 
only want to upgrade KDE PIM won't have to wait for the KDE 3.3 

BTW, I envision the same modus operandi for KDE 4. All KDE PIM 4.x 
releases should be kept compatible with KDE 4.0. This would make KDE 
PIM a reasonable choice for companies because they could use KDE 4.0.x 
for 2+ years and still have the possibility to upgrade KDE PIM.

The only real problem with this are the translations. Therefore I'd like 
kdepim to be moved out of the i18n package (or alternatively it has to 
be made easy to extract kdepim-i18n packages from i18n).

FWIW, from several talks with the other KDE PIM developers I got the 
impression that many of them share my visions. I hope they will confirm 

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