KDE 3.2.2 Build Problems with GCC 3.4

André Wöbbeking Woebbeking at onlinehome.de
Sat May 8 10:14:41 BST 2004

Hi Dirk,

On Friday 07 May 2004 21:29, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> The kdeutils/ksim problem is a valid source error. it disables the
> copy constructor, but uses pass-by-reference. According to C++
> standards, 

could you tell me the section in the standard. Every time I'm tring to 
find something in the standard I'm lost.

> you're not allowed to do that when the copy constructor is 
> private (even though the copy constructor might not get called at
> all).

So the attached file shouldn't compile? Hmm, it does (with GCC 3.3 and 

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