KDE 3.2.2 Build Problems with GCC 3.4

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Fri May 7 20:29:18 BST 2004

On Friday 07 May 2004 20:54, Daniel Molkentin wrote:

> Daniel Jahre from the RockLinux Team tried to build KDE 3.2.2 with GCC 3.4
> and failed in two places. Especially the one in kdeutils looks odd.

The kdeutils/ksim problem is a valid source error. it disables the copy 
constructor, but uses pass-by-reference. According to C++ standards, you're 
not allowed to do that when the copy constructor is private (even though the 
copy constructor might not get called at all). 

> IIRC SUSE 9.1 is also build using GCC 3.4. How did they get to build it?

SUSE 9.1 uses gcc 3.3.3. 

> Using branch?

I think this is about branch. There are many more problems in HEAD with gcc 

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