Proposal: modeless KInputDialog boxes

Matt Rogers matt at
Fri May 7 05:16:35 BST 2004


KDesktop bug 75959 stems from the fact that there are no modeless versions of 
the KInputDialog boxes, so I thought that I would make an attempt at adding a 
few of them. I'd like to know what people think of the idea and also get a 
question answered before I get started on a patch (because I have a feeling 
it might take me awhile). 

Currently, KInputDialog handling is all done via static functions. I'd like to 
do the same thing with the modeless versions, but I'm not completely sure 
that handling signals and slots would work if the modeless versions of the 
KInputDialog boxes are static functions.  Is it possible to handle signals 
and slots when using a static function like KInputDialog::getText?


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