kdetrayproxy into CVS - where?

Arend van Beelen jr. arend at auton.nl
Thu May 6 17:03:19 BST 2004


the trayproxy is a nice utility, we advise it ourselves to Apollon users who 
don't use KDE. However, why can't the actual KTrayIcon class be changed to be 
fd.o compliant instead of having a util that converts the current protocol to 
the fd.o one?

Arend jr.

On Thursday 06 May 2004 12:22, Lubos Lunak wrote:
>  Hello,
>  I'd like to import kdetrayproxy
> (http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=10660) to KDE CVS. It maps
> the KDE tray protocol to the XDG one, allowing one to use KDE tray icons in
> KDE when running other WM than KWin, and it allows one to use KDE tray
> icons in GNOME (or whatever else uses the protocol too).
>  As it's about 300 lines, including 4 copyright headers, I assume there'd
> be no problem with simply putting it in kdelibs, however I'm not sure where
> to put it exactly. There's no special directory for such things in kdelibs,
> and having extra toplevel directory for something so small is probably too
> much. Would it be fine to put it in kdelibs/kdeui/kdetrayproxy?
>  As I changed kdetrayproxy to be loaded only when really needed, there
> should be no overhead caused by it, other than simply being in kdelibs.

Arend van Beelen jr.

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