Bug in KXMLGuiFactory::addClient()

Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Wed Mar 31 16:24:41 BST 2004

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  While dealing with shortcut settings, I've discovered that if in a main 
application which has multiple parts I change the shortcut for a part and ask 
the part's KXMLGuiClient to reload the XML file, the shortcuts is not set 
correctly when they are set back from a custom to default. Example: you have 
multiple instances of the same part (an editor), you change the Select All 
shortcut to CTRL-1 from the default CTRL-A. In order to change it in every 
instance, there is a reloadXML() call for all the instances. If you switch to 
another editor view, the XML GUI for the current view is removed and the GUI 
for the new one is added with addClient(). This loads the GUI from the XML 
file and sets also the modified shortcut from there.
 But if you reset the shortcut (CTRL-1 here) to the default one (CTRL-A), the 
default shortcut is not saved in the XMLGui file, and in addClient() the 
shortcut is not changes and remains the customized one (CTRL-1). See 
KXMLGuiFactory::addClient() after the "// process a possibly existing 
actionproperties section" line. 
 I'd suggest to reset all the shortcuts to the default one when adding a 
client, as anyway customizations will be loaded after that. We would need 
something like the below one after that comment line:

KActionPtrList actionList = doc->actionCollection()->actions();
KActionPtrList::Iterator actionIt;
for ( actionIt = actionList.begin(); actionIt != actionList.end(); 
++actionIt )

This makes addClient() somewhat slower, but I believe the current behavior is 



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