when a script is not a script according to krun...

ian reinhart geiser geiseri at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 30 21:43:30 BST 2004

Waldo Bastian said:
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> On Tue March 30 2004 22:26, ian reinhart geiser wrote:
>> Similar to "X-KDE-IsAlso=text/plain" only we could
>> have "X-KDE-IsAlso=application/x-executable".  This could give us a
>> great
>> deal of control over this feature, or are there hidden side effects
>> here?
> We don't support multiple inheritance (and I'm not sure if it is feasible)
> so
> it would be difficult for a shell script to be both
> X-KDE-IsAlso=text/plain
> and X-KDE-IsAlso=application/x-executable.
Thats annoying... Is an rc file an option, that we can update with
kconfig_update as new script formats come about?  I really want to avoid a
hardcoded list, but if thats our only option for getting this feature
quickly I guess I can deal.

	-ian reinhart geiser


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