when a script is not a script according to krun...

ian reinhart geiser geiseri at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 30 21:26:38 BST 2004

David Faure said:
> On Tuesday 30 March 2004 22:01, ian reinhart geiser wrote:
>> I guess the question begs to be asked do we check if the mimetype is a
>> script and to check for the execute bit, or to just check for the
>> execute
>> big alone?  Do you see any issue with just looking at the execute bit
>> alone?
> If I give the execute bit to a PNG, what would happen? :)
Hrm very good point. Annoying but good :)

> I think it still makes sense to have a known list of executable types,
> Especially when vfat partitions show everything with the executable bit
> set,
> then clicking on any file would trigger "couldn't execute foo.txt" ...

I guess this is the part that I wanted to avoid.  Is there a generic
"script" mimetype so that we can say "ah this text file is in fact a
shellscript that someone decided to name starttws" or do we have to just
maintain a list of plausable mimetypes?    Id ask for a control pannel to
tune such a thing but I fear ill be shot ;)  Another alternitive, is we
could add a tag to these script mimetypes identifying them as possible
things you can run?  Similar to "X-KDE-IsAlso=text/plain" only we could
have "X-KDE-IsAlso=application/x-executable".  This could give us a great
deal of control over this feature, or are there hidden side effects here?

	-ian reinhart geiser


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