Bug in KDEPrint/CUPS

Stefan Kebekus kebekus at kde.org
Mon Mar 29 11:29:31 BST 2004


I have recently received a bug report (#70681) because KDVI does not properly 
print in landscape mode. I believe that this is an issue of the CUPS-KDEprint 
system rather than KDVI; KGhostView seems to have similar issues. 

KDVI uses the kprinter to show the printing dialog, and then generates 
PostScript files itself, using the 'dvips' program. The value of 
printer->orientation() is converted to the appropriate command-line arguments 
of dvips. Eventually, the resulting PostScript file is printed using the 
printFiles()-method of kprinter. This method works fine if I print to a file, 
or if I print using the "Generic UNIX LPD Print System", but does not work at 
all if I use the "Common UNIX Print System". If CUPS is chosen, 
printer->orientation() always returns 0, and accordingly, no landscape 
printing takes place.


Stefan Kebekus.

Maintainer of KDVI


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