kio using other processes

Simon Hausmann hausmann at
Sun Mar 28 21:40:33 BST 2004

On Sunday 28 March 2004 22:29, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> Is it possible to send kio data out to another process to be processed?
> In particular I am exploring the possibility of having custom command line
> encoders in audiocd.  Similar to how it is done in KAudioCreator and K3b,
> but within audiocd.  Now because audiocd is an kio I can't use KProcess and
> was curious if there was still a way to do it that someone knew of.

If blocking is not a problem - and I guess it is none inside the ioslave - 
after all that's why they are what they are :) - then you could simply use 
popen(3) for example.


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