and once again... a better cvs structure, clearer dependancies, more logic :-) Was: Refactoring KCM technology

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Mon Mar 22 21:03:09 GMT 2004

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Am Montag 22 März 2004 18:26 schrieb Alexander Neundorf:
> kdelibs: basically as it is now: something very stable, absolutely
> essential, where it is not easy to change/add things, a module which *shall
> not* be split, [...]


> kdeframework: the apps discussed here, ioslaves, and e.g. libs like kabc
> (currently in kdelibs), libkipi, taglib, maybe libkcddb,  the ical stuff
> kdebase: a set of basic applications (konsole, kate, konqy, kfind, kpdf,
> kghostview, an image viewer, kmix, ...)

Iff anything has to be splitted, why not leave kdebase, and only separate out 
Btw, what do kpdf, kghostview, and kmix in there? They have dedicated places 
and should stay there. Note that kdelibs+kdebase is only the minimum 
requirement for those who want/need to run kde apps, but use another de/wm. 
They certainly have their own mixers, pdf/ps viewers.

Real KDE users install everything nonetheless, so they won't have any 
dependency problems.

> kdedesktop: depending on kdebase, containing kicker, kwin and stuff (listed
> above)
> So, the effort of recompiling a lot of things for many developers shouldn't
> be the knock out for having a better structure for our monster pet project
> for the next decade :-)

Define better :-)
> Bye
> Alex
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