KDE 4 modules structure (again)

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Wed Mar 17 23:02:40 GMT 2004

On Wednesday 17 March 2004 21:41, David Faure wrote:
> On Wednesday 17 March 2004 19:27, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> > So, I proposed: let's keep big cvs modules.
> > But let's organize the basic modules slighty different to decrease
> > dependancies. Let's move more or less all libs (and important ioslaves
> > etc.) into kdelibs (which might be split into core libs and application
> > level libs)
> I don't see the point in splitting the libs into two modules?

I'm also not sure, it's just an idea and which would be worth discussing IMO. 
The libraries in kde can be divided in two groups, real core libraries, like 
kdeui, kio, dcop, kdecore, which are used by more or less every kde app.
And then there are libraries which offer nice features and which are used by 
some apps, but which are not that common, e.g. the address book lib, the 
smartcard lib, and also the cddb lib from kdemultimedia, the ical lib from 
kdepim, libkipi and others. 
Maybe the "core libraries" could have a slower release cycle than the app 
libraries and app modules, so that it becomes possible that we could release 
new versions e.g. of konqy (with improved khtml features) while keeping the 
the core libraries stable. I know this isn't easy since e.g. konqy often 
depends on the newest features e.g. in kio, but IMO it's an interesting idea.
Having longer cycles for the core libraries would probably also be good for 
3rd party developers, especially potential commercial 3rd party developers 
(which currently don't really exist for kde apps, not sure why, maybe because 
it changes so fast, don't know).

> > Let's separate the "real" applications in kdebase (konsole, konqy, kfind)
> > into from the desktop applications (kwin, kicker, ksmserver, khotkeys,
> > kxkb) in kdebase. Not konqy, konsole, etc. each one in its own module,
> > they all together in one "base apps" module.
> > This would make it possible to install e.g. konqy without installing
> > kwin, kicker, ksmserver etc.
> I think this is a valid idea; although splitting kdebase into two tarballs
> could also be done at release time.

Huh, finally somebody agrees at least partly :-)
Except that most packagers don't do this, I'd also say that the "kde base 
apps" could also contain some more apps like e.g. kmix, kpdf and similar 
things (e.g. kpdf is not really graphics)

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