Extending KCModuleProxy

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Mon Mar 15 17:04:05 GMT 2004

On Monday 15 March 2004 02:09, Frans Englich wrote:
> In kdelibs/kutils/ there's KCModuleProxy, and KControl has its own
> ProxyWidget in kdebase/KControl/. Both tries to achieve the same thing but
> the latter is the useful one. Attached kcmultidialog.diff merges both these
> into KCModuleProxy. In short, more functionality and power in kdelibs and a
> lighter KControl - the KCM technology is afterall quite generic.
> This has the following advantages:
> * Obsoletes quite some duplicated code and some dead code paths in
> KControl.
> * All cases where KCMs are used behaves now consistently. For example, bug
> #72112. That means, all configure dialogs should at least be useful(but
> not as in comfortable) for 800x600 users(which use KCMs).
> * All cases which uses KCModuleProxy can now load root KCMs. This further
> extends integration and flexibility, the line between root and non-root is
> blurred. For example, k3b can put its Setup2 KCM in its usual configure
> dialog(and remove it from KControl if that's not already done).

Sounds all very good :-)

> * kcmshell becomes an independent app(from KControl) and can be moved to
> kdelibs(since it is infrastructure).

In which lib ?
IMO libkdeui wouldn't be the best thing, since this is nothing an average kde 
application needs (or am I wrong here ?).
I'd vote for libkcm or libkcontrol.

> * Good error reporting(which is quite confusing currently) making KCMs
> easier to code.
> I would say the code is butt ugly. Doing this merge was a mess - a KCModule
> in KControl is wrapped in about 5-6(?) classes and this was squeezed into
> place with KCModuleProxy's own proxy system. BC is kept(right? :). It needs
> a thorough code review. (Waldo, Walter?). Yes, you will have to look very
> far for something uglier.

Well, as long as it works and reduces code duplication...

Unfortunately I can't comment on the actual patch, I don't know the code.

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