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On Monday 15 March 2004 08:10 am, Michael Matz wrote:
> How would you start if in a graphics application someone asks you to
> produce PNG file?  By searching in the print dialog for the magic "print
> to file, type png"?
Im going to have to agree here.  My wife who has been trained to export files 
to PDF via the virtual printer thinks quote "thats the stupidest thing ive 
ever heard of".

For geeks "virtual" printers are okay, for normal humans, who just want a PDF 
file this is not optimal.  training is one answer, but I think having a way 
to "attach" virtual printers to the kstdactions might be better.  This way we 
can have a "print to <fill in the type here as you see fit>" action, and we 
can have it default to pdf, while more savvy users can configure it to do 
wacky things like tiff (we use this for some clients for archiving) or plain 

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