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Sat Mar 13 10:55:13 GMT 2004

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On Saturday 13 March 2004 02:55 pm, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> > While this solution sounds good, it might not make sense in all cases.
> > For example, there is only a volume button and a mute button here, and
> > the desktop is supposed to open a window to control the volume and
> > muting. And this application needs to be able to control the hardware
> > mixer.
>  I'm confused. What window? If KMilo converts the hardware keys to
> XF86VolumeUp etc., with keys configured to react on those keys (which KMix
> should have preconfigured) KMix will adjust the volume and give feedback.
> Exactly like if the user simply pressed the multimedia volume up key on
> normal multimedia keyboard, where Qt/X/kernel can recognize the keys
> directly. Where exactly should be the problem?
As I said - there are no two buttons (vol up/down), but one, and when pressed, 
an application pops up in which you adjust the volume using the regular 
cursor keys.

I think it would be fitting to just bring kmix to the front when it is 

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