Richard J. Moore rich at kde.org
Fri Mar 12 20:00:44 GMT 2004

CVS commit by rich: 

Added a tool that tracks the actions a user activates and the way they did
it (eg. keyboard, toolbar or menuitem). This will allow the usability teams
to gather acurate information about the way people use KDE applications. By
default the code currently instruments konqueror, but it is totally generic
and will work with anything that supports kparts plugins.

The output currently is sent via kdDebug, so you'll want to do something like
konqueror 2>&1 | grep Monitor

CCMAIL: aseigo at kde.org
CCMAIL: kde-core-devel at kde.org
CCMAIL: kde-usability at kde.org
CCMAIL: kde-usability-devel at kde.org

  A            Makefile.am   1.1
  A            hi16-action-usagemonitor.png   1.1
  A            hi22-action-usagemonitor.png   1.1
  A            plugin_usagemonitor.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            plugin_usagemonitor.h   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            plugin_usagemonitor.rc   1.1

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