KDE 3.2 compilation problem...

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at kdemail.net
Fri Mar 12 09:54:43 GMT 2004

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Stefan Winter wrote:
>Now, if there is no symbol table in RH9´s .so, I am not surprised that
> the linker fails. I suspect this is a grave bug in RedHat´s
> installation. But I am not really an expert in shared objects... Is
> it possible to generate a .so without symbol table? And if yes, how
> is the linker supposed to work with that? Should I file a bug report
> on RedHat´s BugZilla?

There are two symbol tables in ELF objects. The first, the debugging 
symbols, are shown by nm and can be stripped by strip. Their absence 
does not hinder linking or running.

The second symbol table is the one actually being used by the linker and 
dynamic linker. To see it, use readelf.
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