kimgio + kfile-plugin for SGI images (*.rgb, *.rgba, *.bw, *.sgi) [which mimetype?]

Thomas Badran tb100 at
Wed Mar 10 09:51:09 GMT 2004

On 10 Mar 2004, at 09:21, Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> Yes, I'm working on sharing RLE encoded scanlines across layers. And I 
> intend
> to write "aggressively" compressed files by default. GIMP thinks that 
> some
> applications might not like them, but this way of compression is 
> described
> in the spec and applications that can't cope with it are simply buggy 
> and
> should be fixed. It's not like decompressing such images is any more 
> difficult.
> No reason to write files that are up to four times bigger than they 
> have to.

I agree completely, i never understand why the gimp claimed they might 
be unreadable as whenever i have implemented a reader there hasnt been 
a problem. Probably the advantage of combining a well written spec with 
a simple format.

>> Also, how are you providing support for 16bpc images, i use these a 
>> lot and it
>> would be cool to have them in kde. I have code that can read them 
>> (not as a
>> kimgio plugin), but afaik there is no way to support high colour 
>> depths in
>> kde/qt.
> The kimgio reader should work with high precision files (haven't 
> tested,
> because I have none). But as Qt only supports 8 bit per color, I have 
> to drop
> the least significant data bytes. This can easily be changed once Qt is
> improved in this regard.

Sounds good to me, being able to preview them in konqueror without 
kicking cinepaint/imagemagick into action will be really nice.

Any chance you can send me the code privately so i can have a little 
play with it and check for any last minute bugs ;)


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