PATCH: Bug 73440: Konq deletes files when dragging

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Mon Mar 8 12:57:13 GMT 2004

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On Monday 08 March 2004 10:24, David Faure wrote:
> Because dropping icon A over icon B usually replaces icon B with icon A
> once you choose overwrite. The fact that icon B is a symlink shouldn't
> change this principle IMHO - but I also agree with the "ask the user"
> solution, if some people really need the feature to update the file behind
> the symlink's target (it would be good to have some input from people
> actually doing this; I use symlinks to both files and dirs, but I never
> drop something onto a symlink to a file...).

I will describe how do I use the symlinks (when I run into this annoyance). 
Remember, the Quanta module was restructured, so now files are in different 
directories in HEAD than in BRANCH. I wanted to be smart and created a 
directory structure which looks like the new module, and I linked the files 
from the old module there. This way backporting is much easier, especially if 
you use kompare. Naturally, if I overwrite a file, I want that the original 
file to be overwritten, not the symlink. I can imagine similar situations for 
other users, when they gather in a directory some symlinks. 

> This really makes me wonder, why apps would use KIO::copy/move
> (in particular for a single file)... What is kompare doing exactly?

For me, in the above case as soon as I applied the differences and saved the 
file, the symlink was replaced with a file. I don't know what the code does 
(as I haven't looked at it yet).


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