KIO slave using copy() - problem with canResume()

Dr. Juergen Pfennig info at
Mon Mar 8 10:48:51 GMT 2004

Hello dear Gurus,

a while ago I proposed to use copy jobs to call the copy() method of kio 
slaves to improve the performance of get/put when one side of the transfer is 
a local file. Until now only kio_file implemented this, other slaves relied 
on the data pump implementation (making the data cross process boundaries).

I now have a working implementation for kio_ftp that also implements resume, 
but I am only 95% happy with it. I would for example like to call canResume() 
if I find .part file locally. Unfortunately this doesn't work. canResume() 
tries to send metadata from the calling end of the data-pump kio_slave to 
other side of the data pump. In other words: while a copy job executes inside 
copy() the KIO::slavebase members mOutgoingMetaData and mIncomingMetaData 
should be equal, so that if you send meta data (to yourself) you will able to 
receive it. This would make canResume() work with copy.

Could someone please change this? For me it would take a while and I would 
probable break things - or someone could become upset because the idea is 
wrong ...

Thanks Juergen

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