kcfg file for kdeglobals

Zack Rusin zack at kde.org
Sun Mar 7 06:16:42 GMT 2004

On Saturday 06 March 2004 14:59, Frans Englich wrote:
> Hello people,
> The entries in kdeglobals are written from tons and places. It would
> be really inefficient to write individual kcfg files for the
> kdegloabals entries used in each case(which in many cases means
> having two kcfg files), not to mention maintaining defaults as well
> as the confusion for the user...
> Wouldn't it be nice if we had a huge kcfg object for kdeglobals in
> the kutils library?

Great idea. I'm not sure if kutils is the right place, but the idea is 
definitely there. Did you start on that?
Not as closely related but we need to also move kdebug.areas, 
kxkb_groups and gtkrc files out of $KDEHOME/share/config since these 
are not rc files and don't belong there.


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