(1) how to hide helper classes (2) KDE_NO_INLINE missing?

Dr. Juergen Pfennig info at j-pfennig.de
Sat Mar 6 19:50:07 GMT 2004

Object orientation sometimes causes lots of classes, many of them only being 
used internally in a module. Unfortunately by default such classes get 
exported by the linker into .so modules. What is the KDE-official way avoid 
this in order to keep .so modules as small as possible?

Is there a cool way to hide helper classes that do not need to be exported?

I could use KDE_NO_EXPORT to hide class members and to reduce the .so module 
size. But is this OK? I found that KDE_NO_EXPORT is rarely used.

Could someone please add a KDE_NO_INLINE macro to kdemacros.h? Sometimes you 
know that inlining a function gives no real speed improvement but increases 
code size.

Yours Juergen

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