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On March 6, 2004 02:51, Michael Nottebrock wrote:
> On Friday 05 March 2004 21:28, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > when i say "it shouldn't be in the main interface because it's buggy" i'm
> > not speaking to how many people use it because that's irrelevant.
> When it's buggy it shouldn't be there at all.

in a perfect world, which exists only in a universe parallel to our own ;)

> Undocumented feature equals bug,

kconfedit gives us one more way to document features that may not be 
appropriate to document elsewhere, so it should actually help in this regard.

> undocumented feature with bugs still equals bug.
> What's so hard about keeping unfinished stuff out of releases?

look at my posting re: transparent kicker; it sometimes has nothing to do with 
unfinished. a transparency option was highly requested, but there are 
technological limits to what we can do. it's not unfinished, just as finished 
as it will be right now ...

Adriaan's disconnect timeout configuration that he mentioned in this thread is 
another great example of something that isn't unfinished or buggy but, due to 
unfixable realities, suboptimal. 

> Compiling a bit of source to get 
> an experimental feature, THAT really and truly is power-user territory.

again, in the case of transparent kicker, that's something that belongs in 
"power eye-candy user" territory, which is orthogonal to "power-user who 
compiles from source" ...

life is messy and often suboptimal. realizing this will prevent us from 
sliding into a featureless or overly constricted desktop, and will allow us 
to create tools to deal with it as best as possible.

> > please read my email again and discover how i note this will empower
> > people. in KDE 3.2 you can disable the menu separators in the kmenu. do
> > you know how? no? with kconfedit you will. that's empowerment, no?
> How will I know? Who even tells me about kconfedit in the first place? A
> tip of the day? :-)

who tells you about kcontrol?

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