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Michael Nottebrock michaelnottebrock at
Sat Mar 6 10:59:12 GMT 2004

On Saturday 06 March 2004 10:49, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> On Saturday 06 March 2004 10:39, Michael Nottebrock wrote:
> > I'm really hard pressed to not make a snidey remark here. Suffice to say
> > that anything that caters for people which are confused and hampered by
> > things which 8 year old kids can master should go into kdeaccessibility
> > and be highly optional.
> First this discussion is getting pretty silly and should really be stopped.

You're right - at least this thread should end and I promise this will be my 
last contribution to it.

However, I am _relieved_ to see that there's obviously no general agreement on 
a big option-removal crusade, which I was honestly afraid of when I read 
Zack's initial mail. I guess as long "he who codes decides" still is in 
effect, there is little risk of sweeping surprise changes.

I'd also like to say that an application which easily manages whole sets of 
kde configurations is a good thing to have, and if kconfeditor is set out to 
be that, then it's good and I will be looking forward to having it - it also 
should make deploying customized KDE's quite a bit easier.

> Second, 8 year olds are in one of the best demographics for adaptability to
> interfaces.  Never seen an 8 year old explain a VCR to their grandmother?

I didn't grok VCRs until I was 12 or so - mostly because the translation of 
the manuals and OSD sucked. :-)

> If you want to see who these things are confusing for, try them on an
> average 70 year old.  My grandfather, despite being a smart fellow, still
> takes notes on where to single click and double click.

I know what you mean - my late, arthritic grandmom couldn't even use a mouse. 
I still think kdeaccesibility would be the place to implement solutions for 
that particular audience.

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