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Andras Mantia amantia at
Sun Mar 7 05:56:00 GMT 2004

On Friday 05 March 2004 23:42, Zack Rusin wrote:
> On Friday 05 March 2004 17:16, Andras Mantia wrote:
> > Sure. I just fear that KDE my remove too much in general. Some will
> > get too enthusiastic and start to remove options from their own
> > application, thinking that it's a good thing to do now, because we
> > can edit them in another application. I'm not paranoid and I hope
> > that the end results will be really good and nobody will lose his/her
> > mind.
> I really can't do anything about that. What you're saying is that you
> don't trust KDE maintainers to make legitimate choices as far as their
> applications go. It's the choice of having an option available only
> through kwrite vs kconfigeditor, never main config dialog vs
> kconfigeditor.

Yes, this is what I'm saying. The temptation to don't make a UI for some of 
the options is higher now. And no, I don't have any problem with you or 
kconfigeditor, and I support the idea of having kcfg files (will do in Quanta 
as well, when we drop support for older KDE versions).


> Zack

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