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Guillaume Laurent glaurent at
Sat Mar 6 08:51:00 GMT 2004

On Saturday 06 March 2004 01:34, Adam Treat wrote:
> Why?  Cuz otherwise statements like the above will lead to the
> inevitable, "but if that is true, why not make a completely
> inflexible system that Just Works^TM!"

Oh come on.

> Really, KDE ought to come up with some rules for navigating out of the
> murky, higgy waters.  My first rule would be, "don't ever employ the
> Just Works^TM rhetorical device".  I mean who doesn't want a system
> that Just Works.  I know I would like such a system.  Anyone object
> to such a system?

The problem is not that anybody wants such a system, it is that few people are 
willing or able to make one. And Unix/X11 is, historically, a perfect example 
of a system which is infinitely tunable but which requires tuning.

> More warm and fuzzies.  I'd love a balanced system.  I don't think
> many would disagree with this.  But the real question is whether or
> not "View Document Source" should be in the RMB?!  Right?!

Yes, that question and thousands of others. And the answer is NOT "make it 
configurable" except to very few of them.

Another problem is that many things are made optionnal because they don't work 
properly when turned on (like launch feedback or transparency for instance). 
It would be better to just remove the "feature" altogether.


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