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Adam Treat manyoso at
Sat Mar 6 00:34:49 GMT 2004

Wow, looks like core-devel has a serious case of the higgies.

On Friday 05 March 2004 7:06 pm, Waldo Bastian wrote:
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> On Sat March 6 2004 00:42, Guillaume Laurent wrote:
> > It's more important to have something not so flexible which works
> > out of the box than to have something infinitely tuneable but
> > which *requires* tuning.

I'm surprised that people still want to make such wide sweeping 
statements.  Look, the only way to successfully navigate your way out 
of an accute case of the higgies such as this is to be incredibly 
pointed and precise with your first draft and then to go back and 
pepper it with boundless caveats and disclaimers. 

Why?  Cuz otherwise statements like the above will lead to the 
inevitable, "but if that is true, why not make a completely 
inflexible system that Just Works^TM!"

Really, KDE ought to come up with some rules for navigating out of the 
murky, higgy waters.  My first rule would be, "don't ever employ the 
Just Works^TM rhetorical device".  I mean who doesn't want a system 
that Just Works.  I know I would like such a system.  Anyone object 
to such a system?

> Well, I would say it's about the fine art of finding the right
> balance between the benefit of an option and the cost (in the terms
> that you mentioned) of such an option.

More warm and fuzzies.  I'd love a balanced system.  I don't think 
many would disagree with this.  But the real question is whether or 
not "View Document Source" should be in the RMB?!  Right?!

I mean if we're going to fight how about putting some real death match 
style bouts instead of debate about "usability" philosophy or whether 
or not KDE should Just Work^TM in a balanced way :)

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