status of kdenetwork/wifi

Dominique Devriese dominique.devriese at
Mon Mar 1 18:03:03 GMT 2004

Stefan Winter writes:

> Hi, I am the evil person who produced the code in kdenetwork/wifi
> :-). 

Actually, I blame it all on the wireless-tools people :)

> I admit that I didnĀ“t do very much for KWiFiManager until a few
> weeks ago because of my diploma thesis. I have more free time now.


>> Anyway, apparently, there are now three separate solutions for this
>> problem in place now: 1 in HEAD, libiw.c source has been included
>> in the kdenetwork/wifi/libiw.cpp source 2 my patch fixes
>> kdenetwork/wifi/wirelesstools.cpp in 3_2_BRANCH 3 your patch fixes
>> kdenetwork/wifi/kwireless/linuxwirelesswidget.cpp in HEAD and
>> 3_2_BRANCH

> The differences between HEAD and 3_2_BRANCH are because I worked on
> the codebase a few days ago. Since it is quite urgent to improve
> things, I did it in the branch to get a - at least a little bit -
> cleaner code into 3.2.1. I am going to merge the things i did in the
> branch into HEAD, which would remove the duplicated code from the
> wireless tools there too.  

Great, thanks

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