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Stefan Winter mail at
Mon Mar 1 16:15:46 GMT 2004


I am the evil person who produced the code in kdenetwork/wifi :-). I admit 
that I didn´t do very much for KWiFiManager until a few weeks ago because of 
my diploma thesis. I have more free time now.

> Anyway, apparently, there are now three separate solutions for this
> problem in place now:
> 1 in HEAD, libiw.c source has been included in the
>   kdenetwork/wifi/libiw.cpp source
> 2 my patch fixes kdenetwork/wifi/wirelesstools.cpp in 3_2_BRANCH
> 3 your patch fixes kdenetwork/wifi/kwireless/linuxwirelesswidget.cpp
>   in HEAD and 3_2_BRANCH

The differences between HEAD and 3_2_BRANCH are because I worked on the 
codebase a few days ago. Since it is quite urgent to improve things, I did it 
in the branch to get a - at least a little bit - cleaner code into 3.2.1. I 
am going to merge the things i did in the branch into HEAD, which would 
remove the duplicated code from the wireless tools there too.
BTW, the original reason for the code duplication was to avoid version 
conflicts (as we see in 25 vs. 27 right now). Anyways, the approach is no 
good anyway because it makes the code harder to maintain (it may easily get 
out of sync with the wireless extensions and generate warnings users find 
very confusing).
The two patches for kwifimanager and kwireless seem to work for v27 and are 
much better than the duplicated C-code.
For the future, following this #ifdef path might produce more maintainability 
problems if the API changes again. We seem to have to choose between two 
poisons here.

For the KCM code: as far as I know, Nadeem Hasan is doing a complete rewrite 
right now. I haven´t seen it yet, but I suppose it is much better than my 
really old code (as a matter of fact, how could it possibly be worse? :-)). 
So, if he is finished, I won´t object to throw my code away.
The one thing that startles my with the KCM code is that it works perfectly 
for me (though I seem to be about the only one person for whom it works). And 
I am simply using a standard SuSE 8.2 box. If someone cares about the 
problem: I got multiple user reports stating that the path of the config file 
is wrong:
should be 
but is
I have NO idea where the 11 comes from instead of kwifimanager/ . I build the 
pathname by using KStandardDirs::findeResourceDir("data",...) which works 
perfectly alright for me, but obviously for noone else (if you´re curious you 
could look into kdenetwork/wifi/kcmwifi/kwifimanager_kcmodule.cpp).


Stefan Winter

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