new sounds for kde 3.3: almost done

Artemio theman at
Tue Jun 29 14:29:44 BST 2004

Hello All!

I've just published the updated sound set for KDE 3.3. You can immediately 
download this set at:


 - today I recorded glass breaks (*), phone beeps, car honks that are of 
simply amazing quality compared to the old sounds
 - created many new sound effects for window actions
 - synthesized some new event/fx sounds 

There are 51 sounds in the set, 1.6 Mb total (128 kbps oggs).

Only 8 sounds/effects left to create to completely substitute the old set. I 
hope to finsish the set this week before 3.3 beta 2.

Enjoy the sounds.


* I broke two glass cans in my garden (really! ;-)), and sampled the sounds. 
And I had to clean up all those hundreds of damn broken glass pieces 
myself!!! ;-)

KDEvibes: audio environment for KDE ->
[local time 16:14:45 (GMT +3) 29 June 2004] [system uptime 6 min]

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