Possible bug crash in KStringHandler (kdelibs/kdecore/kstringhandler.cpp).

Jason Keirstead jason at keirstead.org
Tue Jun 29 13:47:46 BST 2004

On June 29, 2004 09:41 am, Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:
> i think it is stupid to make functions silently swallow invalid input;
> an assertion failure is the proper reaction if no explicit status code
> is returned. whether a null string is invalid input is another
> question, but imo it is.

Especially since you could in theory say that a null string *is* valid UTF8, 
since a null string is a null string no matter what encoding it is said to be 
in, so therefore returning false is wrong, it should return true :)

This should probably be an assert() or something like Oswald said.

Jason Keirstead 

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