introducing the 3.3 system sounds migration plan, new sound effects and more

Artemio theman at
Sat Jun 26 20:21:47 BST 2004

Hello and thanks for your comments!

You wrote:
> - KDE_Critical_Error.ogg is exactly the same as KDE_Event_5.ogg
>   at least for my ears. I hope you have a good new Critical_Error,
>   because I find the old one quite good.
Yes, this was the first release of the migration proposal, and I could have 
made a mistake.

> - KDE_Startup_1.ogg and KDE_Startup_2.ogg seem to be also very equal.
>   I hardly hear a difference.
So you have a musical ear? ;-) The startup jingles 1/2 are not THAT different, 
as this is they use similar sounds and belong to the same sound theme. But 
they ARE different absolutely surely.

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