introducing the 3.3 system sounds migration plan, new sound effects and more

Artemio theman at
Thu Jun 24 11:58:30 BST 2004


You wrote:
> Good job, Artemio. I am glad Scott decided to help you. He knows the kde
> multimedia framework very well. I was not up to the task, I am afraid.
Yes, I am very glad Scott is doing all this. I believe that he has lots of 
other things to do, but it's so nice he was the one who offered me to help.

> And congratulations for your determination on pursuing your vision.

I just want KDE to be the best desktop available, I mean to continue being the 
best. I have been dreaming to help kde with sounds since 2002 when I first 
started using kde 2.2.1 on red hat 7.2. (my first distro). But now I see my 
dream coems true ;-)

What is nice is that I have shown the KDEvibes sounds to hundreds of people 
that use win xp and mac os, and _everybody_ agreed that KDEvibes EastWest 
theme is far better than any sound theme they have ever heard on win/mac.

This means that KDE 3.3 will be the best-sounding desktop _ever_!!! ;-)

Good luck!

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