introducing the 3.3 system sounds migration plan, new sound effects and more

Artemio theman at
Wed Jun 23 19:15:14 BST 2004

Hello all!

Based on the EastWest and partially Klassik themes of my KDEvibes, and based 
on various samples our of my very own library, I am creating the all-new set 
of system sounds for kde 3.3.

The sounds and the 3.2->3.3 migration map are available at

= Highlights =

 - All sounds are in ogg vorbis format, 128 kbps. Current total size is 1.4 
Mb, the final size will be around 1.6 which is ~40% of the old sounds size 
(~4 Mb).

 - There are ~10 extra sound effects like typewriter sounds, keyboard, clicks 
etc. that can be used in various kde apps. More fx will be added soon (glass 
break, gun shot etc.)

 - Once again, 100% of the jingles and sound effects are my original work, so 
you don't have to worry about any copyright infringements.

= Current status =

 - 41 sounds are already created: 22 of them substitute the old sounds,
the rest is new sounds

 - 20 more sounds need to be created to completely substitute the old sounds

Good luck to you all and happy development!

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