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Anders Lund anders at alweb.dk
Wed Jun 23 20:55:26 BST 2004

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On Tuesday 22 June 2004 13:22, Martin Köbele wrote:
> Hi,
> imho, since 3.2 KDE has this feature of KDE components like the embedded
> advanced text editor (kate-part).
> This editor became really good and feature rich. Therefore there are now
> quite a few apps which use this editor (kdevelop, kwrite, quanta, prolly
> some more...).
> And in the meantime it is getting pretty annoying to configure each time
> the editor again - for each application which uses this editor.
> Since there is the component chooser in kcontrol, I think it would make
> sense to have a "configure editor" on the page about the editor-selection
> as there is a "configure editor" for vim-part.
> And I don't see any reasons why somebody should have the same editor
> configured differently after he chose one setting as ideal for him.
> Martin

I think we have discussed this before in the kate team, but I am willing to 
take it up again. So I forward to the correct list for discussion.

Suggestion: All apps could inherit global settings, or the user could be given 
the choice (set to "true" pr default) to use a global configuration pr 
application. That would also leave this to the application developers.

Some settings, for example plugin configuration, can cause conflicts when an 
application provides functionality whic is also in a katepart plugin.

- -anders

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