help needed with listing of /usr/share/sounds of KDE 3.3

Artemio theman at
Tue Jun 22 18:01:15 BST 2004

Hello everybody!

I am preparing/selecting the new sounds for KDE 3.3: they will be based on the 
EastWest theme and on the sound effects chosen from my ArtemioLabs libraries.

I need to have the "ls -l" of /usr/share/sounds of current KDE status, so I 
can prepare a substitution map. I have kde 3.2 here and some other extra KDE 
apps so I need to know which sounds are in kdebase (which not belong to any 
of the apps personally but to kde core).

As I have this list, I will publish all needed sounds as 128 OGGs plus the 
substitution map.

By the way, is anyone working under a KNotify wrapper to provide substitution 
of requests for old wav sounds to new oggs?

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[local time 19:55:23 (GMT +3) 22 June 2004] [system uptime 2 hr 02 min]

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