finishing with kde development.. somewhat more officially...

Alexander Kellett lypanov at
Wed Jun 16 13:33:07 BST 2004

okay. due to now having a job, and having a 
few different projects that i'm working on elsewhere...
i'll not be doing any maintainence, and certainly nothing
new with the exception of qtruby/korundum work...

for what its worth. its the compile
times and the huge disk space requirements
that just make working on kde an impossibility
these days. i simply don't have time to wait
days for the latest cvs version to compile.

does anyone have icc working with full kde compile?
last time i tried, it was hellishly fast with qt
but failed to compile kdelibs... maybe qt4 and
gcc 3.5 will improve compile times... sure hope so...

anyone who wishes to donate me a compile farm,
feel free. anyone who wishes to formally take over
bookmarks maintenance, feel free. waldo and beineri
are doing a good job there anyway... so...

until then. 
so. so everyone knows. 
i thought i'd say it on mailing list...
i'm gone :)


p.s: i'm not subscribed...

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