kdelibs bootstrap problem with meinproc revisited

Ian Reinhart Geiser ian at geiseri.com
Sun Jun 13 23:47:56 BST 2004

On Sunday 13 June 2004 05:39 pm, Michael Nottebrock wrote:
> On Sunday 13 June 2004 22:52, Michael Nottebrock wrote:
> > This problem is not really new, however, while the workaround for us (on
> > FreeBSD) has always been to just disable the doc build (so meinproc isn't
> > run at all), makekdewidgets now is used in a similar fashion, and breaks
> > in a similar fashion.
> For reference, here is a build log with the doc build disabled and the
> makekdewidgets error visible.
> http://rabarber.fruitsalad.org/errors/200406130727/5-CURRENT/kdelibs_cvs-20
Something must be misconfigured somewhere.  I tried to ensure that the case 
you are talking about cannot happen.  I tested this with srcdir != builddir 
when i first commited it.  Did I miss something? Did our build system change?

Do i explictly need to link to ../dcop/libdcop.la?  See if that fixes it.

-ian reinhart geiser

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