#MIN_CONFIG(3.2) in kdenonbeta

Marcus Camen mcamen at mcamen.de
Thu Jun 10 16:33:48 BST 2004

Hi *,

as more and more people are using KConfigXT, not checking for 
kconfig_compiler seems to be common these days (e.g. kafilah, 
akgregator). Of course one can always check using an application specific 
configure.in.in but maybe it's about time to increase 
kdenonbeta::#MIN_CONFIG from 3.1 to 3.2.

The last attempt to do this has been reverted because at that time 3.2 was 
quite fresh and kdeextragear-1 used MIN_CONFIG(3.1):

Well, now kdeextrager-1 uses MIN_CONFIG(3.2) and half a year has elapsed.
So if nobody object I will
  - MIN_CONFIG(3.1)
  + MIN_CONFIG(3.2)
in kdenonbeta.

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